Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Green Gold being ‘gang raped’ in Bhaderwah

Report by  Mansoor Qadir
BHADERWAH: The history is witness to the fact that when any government turns blind eye towards protection of natural resources, the mafia forces go fearless and continue to rape the natures gift to the humanity thus threatening the existence of wild animals and the mankind. 

Unabated illegal cutting of Green Deodar and Pine Trees continue in Neeru range of Forest Division Bhaderwah in close cooperation with corrupt forest officials. Pictures captured by senior reporter of JK MONITOR at Punaja and Chinta Forest Blocks are witness to the magnitude of the problem. The concerned forest officers of Forest Division Bhaderwah are responsible for this and they deserve stern action by the administration. 
Going by the pace, Green Gold is dwindling in this reserve forest area, and more and more concrete structures are coming up without any check, it seems the administration has wilfully chosen to turn Nelsons eye towards mafias and their illegal activities. The whole Bhaderwah was surrounded with lush green deodar trees. 

However, now one can easily make out that concrete jungle to a great extant has replaced the green gold and forest mafias are generally influential people, enjoying full patronage of politicians &  corrupt forest officials.
If at present, on a better area of Forest Division Bhaderwah one can find the open nexus fast developing here, the indication is clear that forest officials & forest mafias are carrying good coordination in order to clean shave the forest.
Bhaderwah forests remained nobody's baby as subsequent governments did not pay much attention towards its conservation.  There is enough evidence of forest officials, and timber smugglers of being hand in glove and together presiding over the loot.

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