Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why Jammu region has to struggle for everything?


Does not Jammu region deserve a centre of IIM?

1. If State Govt, want to establish two Central Universities in J&K; it should first established the sanctioned one in Jammu.

2. If Omar feels that Central University should have two campuses to maintain balance, why not IIMs.

3. Central University Joint Action Committee sets deadline; will come on roads on July 29.

4. Central University issue has much stronger response from Jammuites than what they had shown during Amarnath land controversy.

5. How will this university work in Kashmir, which observes Bandh for almost 275 days of a year?

6. It was PM Dr. Manmohan Singh who announced publicly that Central University would be set up in Jammu and IIMs in Valley, is it not an attempt to prove PM wrong?

Baha'u'llah (born on November 12, 1817, in Tehran) had rightly said, “So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.”

You must have remembered the story from your childhood, where an old man was worried about his sons who were always quarreling among themselves. In order to teach them a lesson he ask them to break a bundle of sticks tied together. Obviously none of them could. And when the bundle was untied they were able to break each stick easily enough. The power of unity is known to all of us. But we often seem to forget it when it comes to individual success. This is unfortunate that most of us consider our success as a personal property, and others are not involved in it.

Yet a ray of hope seems somewhere, as this time, people of Jammu region have realized the they cant get anything without struggle and with unity, they can achieve the goals required to secure the future of generations to come and have started getting united over the issue of Central University.

Positive signal this time is that, all Jammu based leaders, associations, traders, students, and political activist have joined fight for the Central University at Jammu. But more is required to achieve the success. No doubt all are fighting for the Jammu cause but they are doing this at their individual levels. The need of the hour is that they should unit and started this genuine fight under a single umbrella.

Jammu people have to see into the IIM which is being set up in Kashmir. Jammu region also deserves one campus of IIM keeping in view the career of future generations.

Jammu based Congress leaders & worker have came out with their support for Central University at Jammu. State Secretary Jammu & Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Krishan Lai Gupta along with other party leaders & workers have supported the demand of various student Organizations, for the establishment of the Central University at Jammu.

He has rightly pointed out that our Member Parliament (MPs), Member Legislative Assembly (MLAs) of Member Legislative Council (MLCs) & other senior leaders should rise above party politics & stress the concerned authorities at the Centre & the state to take final decision in this regard without any further delay.

His has rightly opined that any delay or wrong decision in this matter can give opportunity to some vested interests to flair up the situation in this otherwise peaceful city and reminded the authorities about the last year incidents in which Jammu people, students, traders, tourist, daily bread earners & laborers & especially the economy of the State had suffered to the large extent.

While pointing out that that as already land have been demarked for establishing Central University at Jammu & IIMS for Kashmir, he wished that these projects should be completed first & in the next phase Central University at Kashmir & IIMS for Jammu should be got approved . So, that question of discrimination with any region should not arise.

MEANWHILE: Extending its full support to the Central University agitation started by the students Shiv Sena Hindustan (SSH) seems a bit aggressive as it declared that no force on earth can take away this university from Jammu to Kashmir.

SSH leaders expressed their happiness that the students are leading this agitation and this agitation will go to the logical conclusion as the student do not have their vested interests like political leaders.

SSH leaders have rightly raised a question how the university can work in Kashmir, which observes Bandh for almost 275 days of a year.

Again SSH strike at the right point by asking the Chief Minister (CM) that as he is asking for two Central Universities for the state, why not asking for two IIM's (Management Institutes) for the state, which according to SSH leaders shows how concerned is CM towards Jammu.

SSH leaders have appeal to all the elected MLAs of BJP to raise this issue in the Assembly as this will be the acid test for them for fighting the cause of Jammuites.

SSH leaders said that they have been send to the Assembly by the public of Jammu to safeguard the interest, honor, pride and dignity of the Jammu region.

Moreover, a BJYM activists led by its State President, Pawan Khajuria took out a protest rally against the State Government’s move to shift Central University from Jammu and Kashmir. The protest culminated at Pt. Prem Nath Dogra Chowk where effigy of the state Coalition Government was torched. The protesters raised slogans against the coalition government for giving step motherly treatment to Jammu region.

The protest march was addressed by the BJYM State President, Pawan Khajuria saying that the NC-Congress government should realize that any discrimination with Jammu would not be tolerated.

He reiterated that when the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had publicly announced that the Central Government would establish University in Jammu and in Kashmir an IIM would set up and on what authority the State Government is establishing the university in Kashmir Valley. Rejecting the Omar Abdullah’s assertion that he will persuade Central Government to set up two Central Universities, one in Kashmir Valley and other in Jammu region as a mere eye-wash, Khajuria asked the CM to establish two IIMs as well, one for Jammu and other for Kashmir. He warned against the Jaichands of Jammu who are crassly defending the stark discrimination with Jammu by Valley-centric state government by saying that a camp office of the Central University would be set up at Jammu also.

Khajuria asked the Congress party to come out with a clear stand on this step-motherly treatment being meted out to Jammu especially when it was PM Dr. Manmohan Singh who had decided and announced publicly that Central University would be set up in Jammu and IIMs in Valley.

He warned the State Government that if the State Government persists with its discrimination with Jammu, it will have much stronger response from Jammuites than what they had shown during last year’s Shri Amarnath land controversy.

MEANWHILE: In this connection, Central University Joint Action Committee (CUJAC) organized an All Party meeting in which more than 200 intellectual and 50 organization/association nominee were present. Those who were present included Mohan Singh Dogri writer, Jagdish Dogra- Hindu Jagran, Leela Karan Sharma (BJP) Ashok Gupta (Shiv Sena) Ravinder (Organsing Secretary Sangarsh Simiti) Mudassor Nawaz (Doda Youth Welfare Association) Yash Paul Kundal (MLA-Samba) Rajesh Gupta (Distt. President BJP) Rakesh (Shiv Sena (U)) Suresh Sharma Brahaman Parthinidi Sabha, Ram Singh Slathia (Duggar Pradesh Party) Pritam Chand (Kranti Dal), Pawan Kumar (Vice President Chambers Commerce), R Gupta Shiv Sena Hindustan, Rajiv Chunii and many other from student originations.

Organizing Secretary of CUJAC Ajay Taloor said that they have decided to give 48 hours ultimatum to the CM and asked to shift the office of Central University from Kashmir to Jammu and also threaten if CU not establish in Jammu, CUJAC shall come to the road from July 29.

He also asked CM to clear its stand on establishment of Central University in Jammu and IIM in Kashmir and rejected the two campus theory. CUJAC wants full Central University in Jammu and also asked, if the State Govt, want to establish two Central University in J&K first established the sanctioned one in Jammu and then also establish one IIM, NIT in Jammu.