Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gujjars san representation in 10 major JK Govt. Depts.: Survey

JAMMU DEC 6: A latest survey conducted by Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation (TRCF) revealed that the representation of Gujjars, the third largest community in the State is almost negligible in 10 Major Government Institutions of Jammu and Kashmir. They are having no say in any decision making bodies of the State that’s why they are lagging behind in every sphere of life, the survey said. National Secretary of the Foundation, Mr Javed Rahi while releasing the survey said that they have chosen 10 major government institutions for conducting this survey. The survey was aim at to know the reasons of backwardness of Gujjars in the state who constitute more than 20% of the total population of the State whereas Scheduled Tribe since 1991 getting 10% reservation in government jobs. According to survey conducted in all 32 departments in civil secretariate, where plans are formulated and executed for whole of the state , there is no one from Gujjar community is working at the rank of Under Secretaries or above to the rank of Chief Secretary. The survey conducted in Civil Administration reveals that in Senior KAS poll, there are 319 senior officers working in civil administration and only three belongs to Gujjar tribe while as per the constitutional provisions in vogue, there should be 32 officers in such poll and as per the population, this number ought to have been 64. There are 41 Super Scale, 39 above Super Scale and 163 HODs /IAS (96) officers/ others in the civil administration of the state and only one Director (Social Welfare) belongs to Gujjar tribe.

In district Administration only one Dy Commissioner belongs to Gujjar Community. No Gujjar is serving as District SSP any where in the State.

In State Police Department, the situation is worst as 30 SSPs, discharging their duties in the State only one belongs to Gujjar tribe, he too is posted as Staff Officer. Among 2l DIGs and 19 IGs and ADGS/ DGs, there is no representation of Gujjars in this major law enforcing agency of the state, the Survey revealed.

Survey further said that important organ of the state which provide justice to people, i.e., State Judiciary, there are 67 District and Session Judges, while only two from Gujjar community while as per the reservation quota, this number should have been 7 and as per population ratio, it should have been 14. The survey says since 1928, no Gujjar has been appointed as Judge of the state High Court and even today among the l4 sanctioned vacancies of the Judges of High Court, no Gujjar has been appointed or elevated till date as such.

Survey further reveals that there are 303 teachers in Jammu University which include Lecturers, Readers and Professors. As per the schedule tribe reservation quota, the number of Gujjars should have been 30 and as per population ratio, it should be 60. But there are only two belongs to Gujjar Tribe in Jammu University. The situation is worst in Kashmir University, there are 364 Lecturers, Readers and Professors working in this highest educational institution of Kashmir and as per constitutional provisions, 36 ought to have been from Gujjar Tribe while there is not a single teacher appointed or working in University of Kashmir.

In Government Medical College Jammu, out of 160 total sanctioned strength Five Teachers are Gujjars and among 170 teachers in GMC Srinagar only one Teacher of Gujjar Community is serving there.

The survey also focused, the most prestigious financial institution, which is back bone of state’s economy, i.e., J&K Bank, there are 3352 officer ranking staff members from Probationary Officers/Managers to the Chairman of the Bank. As per the reservation provisions of ST, 331 staff members ought to have from Gujjar community and it is most ironic that there are only 3 (Three) employees working in J&K Bank which belong to Gujjar Tribe.

A most surprising revelation surfaced during the survey that the State Advisory Board for the Development of Gujjars and Bakerwals set up by the government for the welfare of the Gujjars have 15 staff members from Vice Chairman to orderly and there are only 2 orderly from Gujjar community are working in this board.

Mr Rahi appealed the state government to go through the facts of the the Survey and suggested that government should initiate steps and announce special packages to bring Gujjar tribe in the main stream. He said that this community has always been exploited as a vote bank and even the political parties with the votes of Gujjars assume power.