Friday, November 14, 2008

Anti Congress slogans rock villages of Bhaderwah

BHADERWAH, NOV 9: For the first time in the political history of Bhaderwah constituency, villagers in Chiralla belt of villages today rose anti Congress slogans and demanded white paper from the Congress leaders on the works done and money extracted from the state exchequer on the name of so called developmental works in villages of the constituency.
Relevant to mention here that the 'Villagers Force' which constitutes about 70 to 75 percent electorates of entire Bhaderwah constituency have already decided to vote for independent candidate Master (Retd.), Fazal Alam Wani, who is also an ex-serviceman.
Though, three main big political guns are in fray including Mohammed Aslam Goni of NC, Diya Krishan Kotwal of BJP and former Chief Minister (CM) Ghulam Nabi Azad of Congress besides other of PDP, JKNPP, SP, BSP etc but as the wave is going on there looks a straight contest between Ghulam Nabi Azad and Master Fazal Alam which could tilt either side.
Reports said that in Loharthawa and Sunarthawa villages of Chiralla, hundreds of people gathered and rocked the area raising slogans like…..'Jin Lutraoon Nay Hum Ko Loota Hai, Un Lutaroon Ko Hatana Hai'.
The people were agitated over the arrival of Congress President Distt Doda, Naresh Gupta in the area to organize an election rally.
However, Mohd. Iqbal Teli, Tehsil Thathri President Congress, admitted before the public that some local Congress leaders have done injustice with the villagers and assured that an inquiry will be initiated and if found wrongs done by the Congress leaders/workers he will quit the
However, Master Fazal intervened and appealed to the agitated mob not to discourage the visiting election campaign party of Congress and mentioned that every contesting party as well as individual has fundamental right to put his policies and ideas before the public on which people cool down and maintain the hospitality served food to the visiting Congress campaign party and soon dispersed off.
Meanwhile, Master Fazal Alam organized election rallies at Joura, Halaran, Sunarthawa, Binola, and Ghori. He said that the people living in villages have waked up and are now asking these parties what they have done for the villagers during last 60 years.
Master Fazal alleged that some mainstream political parties are unsung official machinery during the election campaign including some SPOs who have been allotted to some contesting candidates for security purpose. He further alleged that some employees of PDD are actively
involved in the election campaign and appealed to Election Commission (EC) to initiate and action and conduct an inquiry into the use of official machinery for election campaign.