Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tourism Deptt organizes 25-km trekking expedition from Gulmarg to Bonyiar

In order to set the trend for promotion of adventure sports in the State, Tourism Department organized a two-day 25-km-long trekking expedition from Gulmarg to Bonyiar, Uri, in which a group of 21 trekkers participated. 
The expedition was undertaken to revive trekking events and other adventure sports as the same has tremendous potential in the State. 
The trekking expedition, which started from Buta Pathri, 8 km ahead of Gulmarg, passed through Nigli nallah, meadows, valleys, streams and many other places of breathtaking beauty to culminate at Balani, Bonyiar. The Army authorities were also involved in facilitation of the expedition as some of the areas have proximity with LoC.
The group, led by Joint Director and Deputy Director, Tourism, comprised members of the ski patrol team, adventure tour operators, representatives from banking fraternity, University of Kashmir and Wildlife Trust of India. 
The trek proved beneficial from adventure and research point of view as the trekkers were able to see distinctive flora and fauna and explore the adventure niche of the Valley. 
The department, which had earlier sponsored a trekking expedition of S. P. College to Duksum and Phambar, intends to conduct more such events in the Valley to restart trekking and other adventure sports by involving college and university students. 
“The department is keen to involve trekking and hiking clubs in reviving adventure sports in the State. Trekking as a sport also helps students and youth to imbibe emerging concerns of ecology and environment,” said Deputy Director, Tourism, Mahmood Ahmad Shah. 
Tourism Department is working cohesively to promote adventure sports which have great potential in the State.