Thursday, October 8, 2009

JK introducing Protection of Women Domestic Violence Act


SCW to get more teeth to curb violence on women

Jammu ans Kashmir State Commission for Women has been empowered and given more teeth to curb the atrocities being inflicted on women.

This was stated by Minister for Social Welfare, Ms. Sakina Itoo while releasing annual report 2008-09 of Jammu and Kashmir state Commission for Women at EDI Conference hall IMPA Srinagar here today.

The Minister said the women from far-flung areas usually unaware of the Commission should approach it and register their cases, so that they are able to get justice. She said the age of ignorance is gone when the women folk endured every hardship, adding that they must get awake now and take active part in day-to-day dealings.

The Minister said that crime against women has reached to dangerous proportions and the commission must widen its activities to sensitize the women folk in every nook and corner about their rights and obligations. Ms. Itoo said by heading Social Welfare department she has embarked upon a mission to better the lot of women who have been worst sufferers during the last two decades of turmoil in the state.

Ms. Sakina said that need of the hour is to organize awareness camps for women at remote areas of the state, so that they can be acquainted with various social welfare schemes sponsored both by central and state governments. She said that we need to address the issue of domestic violence and discrimination against women very seriously.

The Minister said education can play an important role in this regard adding that until the women know their rights, they can not fight against the injustice. She appreciated the Commission for performing its job seriously. She said that the protection of women domestic violence act will shortly be introduced in Jammu and Kashmir, which will empower them to seek their rights and live in dignity. She added that women all over the country are being discriminated, their work not acknowledged and the crime against them needs special attention.

Secretary of Social Welfare Department, Mr. M.S.Khan during his speech said that we need to focus on women education so that the violence against them is curbed. He said that the increasing violence against women has reached an alarming situation.

Secretary of the Commission, Hafiza Muzaffar briefed the participants about the role of the Commission and the mandate the Commission has to deal with various cases of atrocities inflicted on women. She elaborated that the Commission has to investigate and examine all matters relating to the safeguards provided for women under the Constitution and other laws relating to women with the appropriate authorities, looking into complaints and take suo-moto notice of maters relating to deprivation of women’s rights. The summoning and enforcing the attendance of any person from any part of the country and examining him on oath and requiring the discovery and production of any document is also within the preview of Commission, she added.

Later, the Minister also chaired the Consultative Committee meeting of the Commission.

KU to hold International Conference on climate change


Kashmir University (KU) is all set to hold International Conference on Climate Change, Glacial recession and Livelihoods being jointly organized by the Government of J&K, University of Kashmir and Energy Research Institute (TERI), New Delhi (TERI) at SKICCC from 12-14 October, 2009.

The Conference shall suggest a strategic plan that outlines the policies and actions required to be taken by different organizations in the state to mitigate and adapt to the climate change effects

Prof. Punjabi, Vice-Chancellor of the Kashmir University, said that there is need for coordinated efforts by the academia, Government and the civil society for developing robust strategies for adapting to the Climate Change. He said that the organization of the forthcoming International Conference on Climate Change was an important milestone in this direction.

The Impacts of Climate Change and climate variability, already evident in the region, are likely to affect different sectors of the economy and environment in our state. It is predicted that the Climate Change shall impact Himalaya’s natural resource base including water resources, forestry, agriculture and other associated sectors and thus, putting additional stress on ecological and socio-economic systems in the region, said Dr. Shakil A Romshoo, Convener of the Working Group on Climate Change Research at the University of Kashmir. It is in this backdrop that the University of Kashmir, Government of Jammu and Kashmir and the Energy Research Institute (TERI), New Delhi have joined hands to develop an action plan for launching mitigation and adaptation studies in the region. The strategy shall be discussed at the forthcoming The Conferences is being attended by renowned Climate change experts from national and international institutions including Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, President of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Chief Minister, Mr. Umar Abdullah and the Union Minister for Forests and Environment, Mr. Jairam Ramesh are expected to attend the Inaugural and valedictory of the Conference. The valedictory shall be held at the University of Kashmir. Various technical, plenary and breakout sessions on climate change science, prediction, impacts, vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation are scheduled during the 3-day conference. The outcome of the conference shall be announced in the form of “Srinagar Declaration” on the concluding day of the Conference.

Mr. R. D. Tiwari, Director SFRI, Govt. of J&K and convener of the Steering Committee constituted by the Government said that the Conference shall provide a platform to different segments of the society to deliberate on various aspects of climate change in the Himalayas. Noted Glaciologist and Padma Shri Prof. Iqbal Hasnain said that there is an immediate need to tackle the climate change in the region on priority as the Himalayas have tremendous ecological and socio-economic importance for the entire south Asian region.

In order to boast the Climate Change research in the region, the University of Kashmir in collaboration with the UK Met Office has recently initiated a regional experiment on studying impacts of Climate change on different sectors particulars water resources and Ecosystem services, said Dr. Romshoo. He said that it is of utmost importance that strategies are developed, on priority, to analyze the uncertainty about the nature and extent of climate change and to assess the likely impacts of the climate change on every sector in the state so that we adapt to the climate change in a phased manner.