Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beauty parlour spoils her face

Victim was to enter into nuptial knot 
In a bizarre incident of its kind, beatifying her face proved a costly affair for a would-be bride as she suffered severe burns due to chemical reaction at a beauty parlour in Rajouri district of Jammu on Saturday.  
Reports said that Samiya daughter of Akmat Hussein of Budwan Rajouri suffered severe chemical burn injuries after she had a facial in ‘Rozy Beauty Parlour’ in Budwan area. 
Sources said that the chemical reactions were so adverse that entire face of the Samiya, who was scheduled to enter into nuptial knot on Saturday suffered burn injuries and was hospitalized.
Doctors who attended upon Samiya confirmed the incident, saying that the Beauty Parlour professionals had ignored procedures including the chemical tests about reaction on particular face.
“She has been provided the medical care. The incident occurred as the Beauty Parlour professionals did not carry the required tests before she got her facial done,” senior physician, Dr Ghulam Mohammad said.  
Meanwhile, according to family sources, the marriage has been postponed while relations of the lady have registered a case against the owner of the Beauty Parlour. (Source PBI).