Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chinese artist enthralls Kashmiri audience

Kashmiri Santoor resembles with Chinese Yangqin
A unique performance of Chinese Traditional Music fallowed by an interaction with Internationally renowned Artist Prof. (Dr.) LIU Yuening from China was held here at Academy Cultural Complex this afternoon. 90 minutes long performance on traditional instrument of China called Yangqin was fallowed by a discussion on changing scenario of traditional Indo-Chinese Music was concluded here with the note that the Intellectual Community of both Countries of world would work together for brining closer two neighboring countries of South Asia so as to work in cordial atmosphere ,and fight for the cause of humankind.
The performance was organized by Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Language which was attended by a galaxy of dignitaries, including musicians writers, poets , artists and students of Institute of Music and Fine Arts, Kashmir. Prof. LIU Yuening who is Presently on Indian cultural tour has been associated with a number of organizations in China working for the promotion of traditional music .She is teaching in the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) in Beijing, and is the youngest professor of Yangqin and educating traditional music in the Department of Traditional Instruments. Prof. LIU is also an Asia Fellows for Research Programme in Music Department of Delhi University. She said Yangqin, which also known as Santoor in India, Cymbalom, in Central European countries, is also a part of traditional Chinese musical instrument since centuries. There is a strong believes that this instrument was instrument may have been introduced by land, through the famous Silk Rout, She said. She father told that the some of the folk tunes of Kashmiri Musicsurprisingly resembles with the traditional Music of China. While interacting with the musicians of Kashmir Valley Prof.LIU Yuening told that in order to create an atmosphere of cordial relationship and brotherhood between two countries, the intellectual community can play a pivotal role . It is duty of Cultural institutions to dismantle the walls of hatred so that the people belonging to this region are able to share their experiences. She further added that our Languages Literature, Art , Music and Culture are one and we have carry along this legacy. Zaffar Iqbal Manhas, Secretary Academy in his welcome address stated that Academy has devised a number of such events to be held in Valley in near future and we have already announced this year as a year of Cultural diologue. He added that main objective of these programmes would be to bringing together the Artists, Writers, Musicians, Theatre Activists from India and other countries of the world nearer. Mr. Manhas stated that such events built a bridge of friendship and brotherhood between the sensitive communities of both countries. Earlier Mr. Haroon Rashid Senior Academy Officer ,Mrs. Shamima Gul Additional Secretary Academy presented a Kashmiri Shawal and a memento to Prof Liu Yuening.