Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vote politics or justice to Gujjars?

“Days are not far behind when State Land worth crores will under the possession of encroachers”
A common man has failed to understand whether the Flai Mandal incident is being politicized for securing the votes from Gujjar community or some leaders who are frequently visiting the Gujjars at the incident site really want justice for those, whose home and hearth had been damaged. 
The government, which should have protected the Sate Land earlier, failed to do so and now when the State Land got encroached; it was the same Govt which directed its officers to get the land vacated. The officers took the action and when the situation took another turn the leaders of the party in power came out with the anger against the officers, for doing their duties honestly. This all is nothing more than political stunts which these leaders had been playing with the common people and officials since decades.
Whatever the reason may be, Govt has to be cautious and initiate ensure that the situation remain under control as it is threatening some sort of reaction from certain groups as observed from the widespread protest demonstration against the government policies by Shiv Sainiks in different parts of the Jammu city. The protests were held to warn the Chief Minister (CM) Omar Abdullah to keep his party leaders away from politicizing the matter. 
As far as wise persons are concerned the incident itself raises many questions. According to them the leaders who are making hue and cry is nothing else but for the sake of vote, the intension can be judged on the fact that every leaders are rushing to the incident site to sympathies the Gujjars but none could make their way to hospital to enquire the health of the cops who received lethal injuries. Secondly the incident has taught a lesson to the officers not to take any step to vacate any state land as ultimately they have to bear the burnt of retaliators in particular and leaders in general. Focusing on the incident some Gujjars came from some where and set their thatch shed on the ten hectares state land prior to the incident, they are told to vacate the land by the DFO and when they refused the matter was brought into the notice of police. A police team when was on job to vacate the land, they became the subject of stone pelting and in between the time thatch sheds were burnt, immediately after the incident some leaders arrived on the spot and started using non-parliamentary language to the officers to show their presence to politicize the matter, which emits foul smell. The incident also fills anger among the higher officers and sense of insecurity among the lower rungs. If such type of incidents is encouraged, the days are not far behind when state land worth crores of rupees will under the possession of encroachers. If the government is really serious for the welfare of the Gujjars, colonies for them should be built at an identified place somewhere in the outskirts of the Jammu.