Saturday, June 27, 2009

Omar for pilot projects for harnessing solar energy

J&K can benefit by latest technology in the field’

Chief Minister Mr. Omar Abdullah has called for exploring possibilities of harnessing solar energy in feasible areas to create alternate energy service hubs so that electricity is provided in rural areas. To start with, he directed for formulation of four pilot projects, one each at Jammu, Kashmir, Leh and Kargil for government’s approval.

The Chief Minister was taking a brief about possibilities and advantages of harnessing solar energy in J&K for power generation. The presentation was made by Mr. Tushar Chawla and Mr. Raouf Javid from ELP and Bergen Corporation, here this afternoon.

It was stated that Union Ministry for New and Renewable Energy (MN&RE) will provide financial assistance to the State government for launching the programme. Such projects are also being aided by international agencies, it was added.

The Chief Minister said after assessing the success in the projects of 10 KW each for harnessing solar energy, the programme can be extended for covering all model villages where this system would be used as backup for conventional electric supply service.

Mr. Abdullah said electrification in rural areas, especially in remote pockets and hamlets, the generation of solar energy could prove highly beneficial and economically viable.

It was stated in the meeting that the Union Ministry of N&RE provides assistance to the State government for research and development, demonstration, testing, standardization and industrial promotion in the sector. The Ministry is also subsidizing loan schemes to promote installation of solar water heating system in homes, hotels, hospitals, industrial units and commercial establishments. It is also providing capital subsidy to those who do not avail loan facility.

The Ministry of N&RE is also providing soft loans for manufacturing of solar water heating systems for projects involving improvement in technology and expansion in production facilities.

The meeting was informed that J&K can utilize solar photovoltaic technology for providing electricity for lighting, running water pumps, charging batteries, feeding power to the grid while as solar thermal technology can be utilized for heating water for industrial and domestic usage, heating and cooling of buildings, food processing, cooking, disinfecting and desalinizing water.

In the power-point presentation, the success of 10 KW solar power project launched in village of Ranchi, inhabited by 70 households, was exhibited and the technology including economic involvement in this project was explained in detail.

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