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PART-III: Armed protectors turn mute spectators to felling of green forests

Ajmer Alam Wani JAMMU, AUG 19: Despites spending crores of rupees to create an armed force in the state under the name Forest Protection Force (FPF) with a sole motive to protect the forest wealth yet the Green Gold cover has been declining at an alarming pace in the higher reaches of erstwhile district Doda. The reasons is the field staff and armed protectors (FPF) both supposed to protect the green beauty and wealth of the Doda district are mute spectator to the felling of green forests as well as timber smuggling and do not visit the higher reaches thus have turned mute spectators to the felling to green gold and are negligent towards their duties. Reports said that the illegal deforestation in the dense green patch of district Doda is Jammu and Kashmir, is going on at an alarming pace as the Forest Protection Force is not active enough in the higher reaches which is unconnected and have no road connectivity. FPF men have arms, power, mission and assign…