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PART-1 Forest Land encroachers’ mafia creates fear psychosis in Chiralla

‘Don’t stand against wrong doers; don’t help Govt Deptt to act against law breakers; otherwise you will be victimized’ terrorized and……………..” Forest Land encroachers in Chiralla area of tehsil Thathri, in Bhaderwah constituency have created fear psychosis among the residents of a particular community in Geosti as a Gang of Forest Land encroachers, Gunda elements; criminals VDC members, etc of the area have support of a particular Govt Department which has helped in to boost the Gang members to do wrong things in the area openly.The Gang of land encroachers, criminals and VDC members has started threatening and mobilizing a public movement forcefully against one Master Fazal and if any one is trying to stay away, is being victimized and terrorized and false allegations are being leveled against them for not favoring the Gang members.The only fault of Master (Retd) Fazal Alam was that he stood against the ForestLand encroaches who all are VDC members and helped the Forest Department to …