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Forest damage in Compartment No-2 of Forest Range Chiralla in Bhaderwah

GREEN GOLD IN DANGER: Young green trees grounded in Compartment No-2 of Forest Range Chiralla, in Forest Division Bhaderwah as the concerned authorities failed to keep check and initiate action against the enemies of nature.

Since last few decades the damage to forest in the erstwhile Doda district has increased many fold and young green trees are cut to ground as those doing it have no fear of the field staff of the department concerned. 
It has been alleged that field staff and even the Range and Division level official are deep involved in the corruption thus more concerned about collecting money through the field staff instead of saving the forest wealth.
Whenever the issues is raised by media or the activists, inquiries are initiated and teams are rushed to the spot but instead of taking action against the guilty, matter is hushed up and accused are given free hand to continue such activities after they pay the bribe to the officials.

DFO lodges FIR against villagers of Kansar


‘Green Gold’ damage goes up in Chiralla Forest Range

CHIRALLA/ BHADERWAH:The cutting of young and fully grown green trees goes on unabated in Forest Division Bhaderwah particularly in Forest Range Chiralla. JK Monitor managed to gather the photographs of the loss and damages to the ‘Green Gold’ in compartment number 17 and 18.
Sources said that Forest Protection Force (FPF) men have seized some logs but it is not yet known whether the accused have been identified or not and what action would be taken against them.