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Climate change hits natural paradise

By Zafar Iqbal MUZAFFARABAD (PoK):The tangible impacts of climate change are now witnessed even in those areas of South Asian region which are considered as habitat of ecosystem due to the abundance of natural resources. Like other areas of world, the weather pattern in Kashmir has changed so much so that people are experiencing in chilly and dry winter without rains and snowfall.People paid special prayers for rain after a spell of dry and harsh weather conditions prevailing in the region since many months. People in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) on Wednesday offered Namaz e Istaska in small and big towns and remote areas. Prime Minster of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) Farooq Haider appealed people to offer particular prayers for the end of harshly dry weather. Hundreds of residents, including the Prime Minister (PM) and his cabinet members of government of Pakistani occupied Kashmir (PoK) , offered Namaz e Istakska in an open ground in the capital city, Muzaffarabad. In Islam N…