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Gujjars san representation in 10 major JK Govt. Depts.: Survey

JAMMU DEC 6: A latest survey conducted by Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation (TRCF) revealed that the representation of Gujjars, the third largest community in the State is almost negligible in 10 Major Government Institutions of Jammu and Kashmir. They are having no say in any decision making bodies of the State that’s why they are lagging behind in every sphere of life, the survey said.National Secretary of the Foundation, Mr Javed Rahi while releasing the survey said that they have chosen 10 major government institutions for conducting this survey. The survey was aim at to know the reasons of backwardness of Gujjars in the state who constitute more than 20% of the total population of the State whereas Scheduled Tribe since 1991 getting 10% reservation in government jobs. According to survey conducted in all 32 departments in civil secretariate, where plans are formulated and executed for whole of the state , there is no one from Gujjar community is working at the rank o…