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Escalating air, noise pollution causing environmental degradation in J&K


*2 years gone; no Air Quality Monitoring in ‘gray areas’ *Despite warnings music systems reinstalled by operators *Survival of habitations in low lying areas threatened *ComprehensiveCity Transport Plan for Srinagar, Jammu on anvil

The pollution in varied forms has been causing environmental degradation in Jammu and Kashmir state and consequently glaciers in the state are now melting at a faster pace, threatening the survival of habitations in low lying areas. Environmental degradation in different forms of air, water, and noise pollution goes on unchecked in the state Jammu and Kashmir with concerned authorities including State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) and other agencies sleeping over what environmentalists say ‘a ticking time bomb’.The problem can be attributed to rapid deforestation and rampant use of fossil fuels. The number of green trees has come under the axe for widening the Jammu-Pathankote bypass road and countless tree…