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KU to study “ Silk Route: Relevance and Revival”

The Centre for central Asian studies University of Kashmir has undertaken a long-term multi-disciplinary mega research project entitled Silk Route: Relevance and Revival. The project came up in the backdrop ring an International Conference held at Centre of Central Asian Studies (CCAS) University of Kashmir where in resolution was unanimously passed by all Area Study Centres of India that the Centre of Central Asian Studies should act as a Nodal Centre for the Silk Route Study.
The basic objective of this project is to explore the possibilities for reviving some branches of Silk Route to strengthen the age-old trade relations and promote regional cooperation between India and Central Asia said Prod G M Mir director of the CCAS. KU. He said the two phases of the expedition along Srinagar-Leh-Turtuk and Srinagar-Leh-Panamik route have already been completed. Prof Mir said that the third and final phase, two routes will be covered by the two teams. In the first instance a team consis…