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ANGANWARI: Many go defunct, yet Itoo contemplates more

* Number of Anganwari Centres in far-flung area of Doda are functioning on papers only while the reality is that many Anganwari Workers in far-flung areas of the district are married to other locations and shifted, many have shifted to cities, yet on papers they are working in these Anganwari Centres and are getting all the benefits. But the reality is otherwise. They visit these Anganwari Centres seldom. It will not be wrong to say that such Anganwari Centres have gone defunct.
The liberal funding from the Central Government to the Government of Jammu and Kashmir seems have made the state politicians, administration and thefunctionaries from top to bottom least accountable and those required to ensure proper functioning of several centres, act irresponsibly thus the result/outcome is lack of desired results. Such attitude of state government functionaries has led to huge losses to the state exchequer yet some the ministers are planning to go for more. Yes, the point in the case is to…