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Health threat from Beauty Parlours: Is there anybody to check?

“Though all women want to look good, they should see that the Parlours they visit are clean and having qualified beauticians. They should check whether combs, scissors, manicure sets and gowns have been properly sterilized or not. The client has the right to know the quality of the products being applied on her. Promises that dandruff, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes will vanish overnight are all false. No beautician can turn you into a Cinderella in one sitting”.
The skin infections, facial paralysis and scalp burns are the price of dangerous and unhygienic treatments carried out by poorly trained and non professional salon beauticians. But, is there any agency, body or department in the state of Jammu and Kashmir to check the standard of material used, skills and professional know-how of Beauty Parlours staff?
If, not a scandal in Jammu and Kashmir state yet but the threat has been revealed yesterday when in a bizarre incident of its kind, beatifying her face proved a costly…