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J&K politicians go tricky over innocent killings

Whenever loss of life is reported from any corner of the state, the top politicians, bureaucrats, policy makers and Non Government Organisations (NGOs) of the entire Jammu and Kashmir State seem play tricky roles which reveals that they are more dedicated and focused on getting their names published in the news papers instead of doing some practical for the state citizens. 
The politicians of J&K State and other agencies which should work for the welfare of people have failed to initiate practical measures thus the citizens of the state continued to suffer in the absence of welfare measures and proper law enforcing and implementing agencies.
Students in schools are taught that the government in any democratic setup is ‘BY THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE’ but if one goes by the records of past few decades, it can be easily revealed that the common citizens are valued least and the preference is given to a selected lot of the society in every sphere of life.
In the present de…