Development not at the cost of environment: Altaf

Minister for Forest, Environment and Ecology Mian Altaf Ahmad has said that while implementing the developmental projects every care must be taken to ensure that our precious environment is not affected adversely.
Stressing for not using agricultural and forest land for construction purposes, the Minister said that the rules in vogue should be implemented in letter and spirit.
On the eve of Environment Day, Mian Altaf has stressed for coordinated efforts for maintaining the ecological balance. He has asked for effecting complete ban on the use of polythene which adversely affects our fragile eco-system.
Stressing the importance of forests, the Minister said that more efforts are needed to conserve the green wealth for the sake of posterity.
The Minister has sought suggestions from environmentalists and experts so that policies for conservations of environment are devised as per our needs and demands.
Mian Altaf said that all of us have to contribute for the protection and preservation of the environment.


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