"PDP facing extinction from political scene of J&K"

The senior National Conference leader, former Minister and MLA, Ch. Mohammad Ramzan today castigated PDP for stooping so low to use foul and indecent language against National Conference leadership. “Reading the mood of people and sensing their extinction from the political scene of Jammu and Kashmir, PDP has started behaving like frustrated lot”, he added.
Addressing largely attended public meetings at Tarhpora and Villgam of Handwara Constituency in Kupwara district, Ch. Ramzan said that the people are wiser enough to understand the false propaganda launched by PDP leadership against National Conference. “Hallow sloganeering, emotional blackmailing and double standard of PDP stands exposed”, he said adding people have witnessed PDP’s underhand deal with BJP at one hand and befooling people by abstaining from voting on the other hand.
Ch. Ramzan questioning PDP’s credibility asked them how long they can mislead people by deceitful tactics and double faced politics. He said, in fact, BJP has created PDP in Jammu and Kashmir to nurture the politics of divide and duality.
Ch. Ramzan said that PDP’s precipitation on matters like Sind Water Treaty, NHPC Power Projects, Human Rights Violation, De-militarization, Scrapping of Armed Forces Special Powers Act, Double-currency, Self-rule is nothing but diverting the attention of people from their misrule in the State during which they unleashed the era of corruption, nepotism and malpractices in all the disciplines so much so that Jammu and Kashmir was adjudged as number one corrupt State in the Country. “Had this party been allowed to remain in power for more time, it would have made the State number one corrupt State in the World”, he asserted
Mr. Ramzan said PDP during their rule never spoke even a word about all these issues including human rights violation and killings of innocents which took place in large scale during their regime, but are now shedding crocodile tears for vote bank politics. He said people are aware of their commission and omission adding that PDP’s double standards are now amply clear to the public and the party is facing extinction within shortest period of time as the lie has no legs to stand upon and this party has been surviving on lies.
Ch. Ramzan said PDP is the amalgam of opportunist politicians whose trait has been somersaulting from one party to another for self ends. “Public has never been the concern of PDP since it got its birth through Jagmohan”, he said and added that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed is the responsible for all atrocities Jagmohan let loose on Kashmiris as he did it as the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir under the nose of the then Home Minister, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.


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