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Politicians haven’t stopped catering to vote bank politics

The political season which usually surfaces after every six years in every Assembly segment of the country is at its full boom in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. All the political parties are shouting with high pitch in-front of the common man, making tall promises with an assurance to end their miseries to influence and attract them in their favour so they could get votes. But soon after these political leaders are voted to power they forget everything. Even it becomes hard for the general public to meet these leaders once they are voted to power. People having high hopes to get their problems solved are even deprived of to meet these leaders by the security personnel at the gates of political leaders’ residences by telling them that these leaders are either out of station or sleeping or busy in meetings or in the ‘bathroom’. Yet people are befooled and their eternal in compelled to caste votes as they are easily targeted by the politicians catering vote bank politics. Despites knowi…

Basic problem; type of Govt. or the way it functions?

The basic problems like unemployment, lack of development, education, healthcare facilities and absence of representatives to hear the voice of those who are hoodwinked by a small section of opportunist people has not only affected badly the political system of Jammu and Kashmir but also of the entire country. These problems arise not because of the type of government, but because of the way it functions, the leaders we chooses and the lack of political awareness among the masses. Often, questions of ethics, morals, right or wrong, honest or favored, unlawfulness, crime, punishment and acquittal are highlighted, and automatically subdued under political pressure. Once elected to the Parliament or the State Legislative Assembly, the minister forgets his responsibilities and duties as a servant of the state; instead, his thirst for money and greed of power never quench. In this whole process, the tax-payer suffers. He neither gets justice, nor an honest account of the hard-earned money …

Changing paradigm of politics in J&K

Whatever will be the outcome of the 2008 Assembly elections in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, it is clearly emerging that contours of politics in Jammu and Kashmir are changing.
Though, this time it seems more dominated by the national party like Congress but as far as the leaders like Mufti Mohammed Sayed, Mehbooba Mufti, Dr Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah are concerned, they are more important as they have numbers on their side.
Congress party’s compulsion would be to go out of the way to woo regional parties like NC, JKNPP, PDF & independents and the last option would be PDP to form the government in the state. Even these regional parties which are on the back burner at present having lost public faith are flexing their muscles and are trying to re-construct damages will certainly maintain a distance from Congress.
These developments clearly indicate that even if Congress gets more seats this time on the basis of developmental activity in the state yet the future of Jammu and K…