JANTROON DHAR:After successful conclusion of recently held Golden Jubilee celebrations of 'Annual Dangal' traditional wrestling, I decided to share few pictures from different sources I received right from the heights of Jantroon Dhar, in Thathri, Doda. the real treasure of Doda district, which remain unexplored, neglected and out of sight for the tourism lovers.
However, whenever I got the chance, I tried highlighting it. Have a look, on a brief writeup dates back in the year 2011...

‘GREEN GOLD IN DANGER’: Encroachments on rise as officials turn spectators

JAMMU: Belying the tall claims of Forest Department officials from ‘Beat Guard’ to concerned ‘Minister’ about the protection of forest wealth and its damage from the cutting and encroachments, the pictures taken by the JK MONITOR’s field team members, clearly show that the departmental officials are working against the basic purpose of this department and helping encroachments and cutting green trees which is proving dangerous for the survival of mankind and the wild animals and further resulting in Man-Animal conflict.

Part-II: Cutting green trees, encroachment picks up after minister appeals for preservation

JAMMU: Continuing our news series about the reverse affect of Jammu and Kashmir Forest Ministers appeal for preservation of forests, JK MONITOR after tireless efforts and field work succeeded in capturing several photographs of the damages done in Compartment Number-7 of Block Jangalwar of Forest Range Chiralla, of Forest Division Bhaderwah.

Cutting green trees, encroachment picks up after minister appeals for preservation

JAMMU: A day after the Forest Minister Mian Altaf asserted that protection of forests will ensure conservation of biodiversity, and environment and made an appealed for playing role in this noble cause, some anti nature and anti forest protection elements are acting contrary and cutting down fully grown and small growing trees for their self vested interests with a motive to convert forest land into agriculture land through encroachments in Forest Division Bhaderwah.

Illegal deforestation, serious threat to state economy as well as ecological imbalance

BHADERWAH: The illegal felling of green Cedar (Deodar) and pine trees despite Supreme Court ban is fast depriving Jammu and Kashmir of its precious forest wealth. The state is losing its green sheen fast as the forest land has shrunk from 20,230 sq km to just 7,590 sq km as per data furnished by the state Department of Forests earlier this year. 
Jammu and Kashmir State which is praised for its greenery and thick forest attract lots of national and international Tourists who visit here and give boost to our state economy; also generate multidimensional public sector employment among 69.7% un-employed youths in Jammu province and 29% un-employed youth in Kashmir province. The Black Gold in shape of Black Cedar ( Deodar) which in this country is available only in Bhaderwah range hills after Germany  in the world , also help to maintain ecological balance and rises ample revenue to the state treasury.

Forest damage in Compartment No-2 of Forest Range Chiralla in Bhaderwah

GREEN GOLD IN DANGER: Young green trees grounded in Compartment No-2 of Forest Range Chiralla, in Forest Division Bhaderwah as the concerned authorities failed to keep check and initiate action against the enemies of nature.

Since last few decades the damage to forest in the erstwhile Doda district has increased many fold and young green trees are cut to ground as those doing it have no fear of the field staff of the department concerned. 
It has been alleged that field staff and even the Range and Division level official are deep involved in the corruption thus more concerned about collecting money through the field staff instead of saving the forest wealth.
Whenever the issues is raised by media or the activists, inquiries are initiated and teams are rushed to the spot but instead of taking action against the guilty, matter is hushed up and accused are given free hand to continue such activities after they pay the bribe to the officials.