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Rs. 9.50 Cr for Chenab flood protection works

Minister for Health, Horticulture and Floriculture, Mr. Sham Lal Sharma has said that Rs. 9.50 crore would be spent on ChenabRiver channelizing around Akhnoor this fiscal to save the fertile land from erosion during floods. He said hundreds of kanals of land in the area have been washed away by floods in the past and to tackle the problem, the government has formulated a comprehensive plan of Rs. 19 crore. The Minister said this during his day long extensive tour of the areas located at the right bank of Chenab at Akhnoor. The Minister took on-the-spot assessment of the situation and issued directed the engineers to start the work on the vulnerable spots. He asked them to complete the works before the next summer season. He stressed on maintaining the quality of work as per the set specifications and by making use of modern engineering techniques while emphasizing on judicious use of funds. Saying that saving the lives and property …