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Gujjar children most deprived lot


Children day

Over 5 Lakh Gujjar tribal Children live in utter deprivation in Jammu and Kashmir due to usual neglect and are being mostly exploited in terms of physical because of limited source of income and they are forcibly put to labour by their parents because of limited source says a study conducted by Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation a National Organisation working on Gujjars “The parents of most neglected Ajhari and Manjhi Children are not aware of the schemes launched by the government for their education and social uplift as they in far-flung areas and are nomads moving from one place to another,” said Dr Javaid Rahi, national secretary, Tribal Foundation. The foundation carries out studies on tribes and cultures and will shortly come out with a survey on the condition of Muslim Gujjars in Jammu and Kashmir. Gujjars, a nomadic tribe, constitute as much as 20 percent of the state’s population of about 12 million and m…