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After 2000 years Kashmir hosts International Buddhist Conference

It was earlier during the rein of Kanashika and now after a gape of 2000 years; the KashmirValley which is known world over for varied reasons (like natural, beauity and the militancy) hosts international Conference on Indian Society for Buddhist Studies.This is the 9th Annual Conference of the Indian Society for Buddhist Studies organized by the Department of Sanskrit of Kashmir University (KU) which started today in collaboration with the Indian Society of Buddhist Studies (ISBS), New Delhi.The inaugural ceremony of the three day conference was performed at the convocation complex of KashmirUniversity.Speaking on the occasion Vice Chancellor of Kashmir University, Prof Punjabi expressed his pleasure to host the international conference. He mentioned that the Kashmir is hosting this conference after a gap 2000 years. It is worthwhile to mention here that Kashmir hosted the fourth International Buddhist Conference during the rein of Ka…