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GREEN GOLD IN DANGER: PART-VIII: Deforestation causes decline in wildlife population

By Ajmer Alam Wani
JAMMU, SEP 18: The wildlife population throughout the Jammu and Kashmir state is rapidly declining because of extensive areas of deforestation resulting in the loss of natural habitat for wildlife. In view of armed conflict between the militants and security forces for the several years widespread use of high velocity rifles in villages and forests surrounding the Himalayan Valley, have further added to the total loss of specie lives lost in an already precarious situation. Studies revealed that over 300 species of birds which included Pheasants, Quills, Partridges, Vultures, Kites, Eagles and a large number of colorful birds, all of which use to reside in the lush forests of state have virtually disappeared. Today those forests stand naked and void of any visible sign of bird life. Along with loss of forest, Kashmir has also lost a number of wildlife sanctuaries. A rich variety of birds, Ducks, Geese Cranes, Terns and water-fowls however still nest in the wetlands…