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GREEN GOLD IN DANGER: PART VII: In 62 yrs: 12508.88 kms of Green turns Red

Ajmer Alam Wani
JAMMU, SEP 1: It is now 62 years since partition of India and Jammu and Kashmir State which is luckily still famous across the globe for its natural scenic beauty because of green lash meadows and forests but as the green forests and nature is degrading and disappearing; the state will no longer remain wild and green if the process continues. No doubt the successive state governments have failed to initiate required steps aimed at protecting the forests but the responsible citizens of the state have also contributed much than required to the degrading of green gold in the state. While the entire world has started uniting to fight against the global worming, the state government in Jammu and Kashmir as-usual too has started coming out with statements only of doing wonders to protect the green gold of the state. If the urgent measures are not taken up fast, soon the Jammu and Kashmir, (which was once described as Paradise on the Earth) will become a desolate piece of lan…