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Is this not for corruption ?

JDA victimizing senior citizen, file not cleared even after 7 years.  
Age 77 years and struggling for last seven years, Madan Mohan, a victim of Jammu Development Authority (JDA). He is among several other displaced shopkeepers who were thrown out of their shops and now they are not even able to buy bread and butter for their families. Perhaps, without bribe a file takes more than seven years to move from one table to another in the JDA. But what about those who cannot afford to buy them; they may also have to face the same apathetic behavior as this senior citizen is facing since 2002. Though the officers at the helm of affairs promise total transparency and accountability in the department, but it is confined up to papers. 
In the year 2002, Madan Mohan had been allotted two shops at Transport Nagar, Narwal Jammu under rehabilitation scheme. Prior to year 2002, this elderly man was doing the business of transportation at Ware House, Jammu under the name and style as Sher-I-Kashmir R…