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Shaky coalition with many players expected to rule India

Are not politicians betraying voters?

Possibility of a weak coalition could unsettle markets

The month long election for ruling the largest democracy of the planet (India) ended on Wednesday, with tens of millions of voters casting ballots in a vote widely expected to usher in a shaky coalition government.
While results are not being announced until Saturday, a slew of exit polls have predicted a split outcome with no party or group getting an outright majority. The main fight is between the ruling Congress party-led alliance and parties led by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The two groups are pitted against a host of smaller regional parties and analysts say the new government is likely to be a coalition with many players.
Though the media polls indicated the Congress party-led ruling coalition could be narrowly ahead of the Opposition NDA yet smaller parties hold the key. This would mean the spotlight will be on smaller regional parties in days to come, whose support for the Congress o…

"Vigorous campaign needed to preserve water-bodies"

Water Pollution Awareness Campaign-cum-Rally  flagged off
Polythene use at health resorts to be made unlawful

Describing people as major stakeholders in restoring pristine glory of our water-bodies, Chief Secretary Mr. S. S. Kapur has called for a vigorous campaign for their preservation as well as of other natural resources bestowed on the State. He urged people to come forward and lend supportive hand in government’s initiative to conserve its precious gifts of nature. The Chief Secretary was speaking at a flagging off function of Water Pollution Awareness Campaign-cum-Rally, jointly organized by Department of Tourism, Kashmir, Municipal Corporation and Kashmir Rafting Operators’ Association, here today. Calling for people’s involvement in saving the glory of world-famous Dal lake, Mr. Kapur said that headway has been made in this regard including the much-needed de-weeding process which is being carried out to clean the catchment areas of the lake. He said sincere efforts are needed …