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37% decline in Tribal Migration of Gujjars in two decades: Survey

Turmoil in JK effects Nomadic life too

Heavy loss of precious lives and properties, lack of basic education, health and communication facilities and resections on nomadic movement in upper reaches of Himalayan region are causing a devastating impact on tribal life and economy of Gujjars resulting in recurrent declines in tribal migrations in the State of Jammu and Kashmir revealed a latest survey conducted by Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation a National Organization working on Gujjars of Indian States.
Quoting survey, Dr. Javaid Rahi, National Secretary of Tribal Foundation said that more than 37% Gujjars who are migratory by tradition have relinquished their nomadic lifestyle during last 20 years turmoil in the State adding that there is a great apprehension that the tribal migration will become a history of the past in next few decades.
The survey revealed that in absence of “Disaster Management Polices for Tribals” of Northern states of India the community, suffers a heavy …

PART- VI: JK Forest Deptt knows that 15998.64 hectares of its land has been encroached yet helpless!

1351 sq kms of dense forest degraded in between 2001-2003 *As per the law, only dry trees can be cut and we have banned the export of high quality timber outside the State. But the demand of the timber even within the State is increasing every day, making people break the laws. *Every year, fire in the Government timber depots has become common resulting in huge losses to the State exchequer. Ajmer Alam Wani JAMMU, AUG 29: The Jammu and Kashmir State which is known world wide for its natural beauty has already lost more than 13 per cent of its forest area since partition of the country in 1947. The total forest area of Jammu and KashmirState, is 20230 sq km of which the Kashmir region has 8128 sq kms, Jammu region 12066 sq kms and the Ladakh region has 36 sq kms. According to Forest Report 2003 issued by Forest Survey of India, forest cover was 24214 sq kms which is less than the 2001 assessment. The Forest Department in its report has admitted that 1351 sq km…