Govt frames guidelines to contain road accidents

To contain the traffic accidents and ensure smooth plying of vehicles on roads, an efficient traffic management system is being put in place for which the guidelines have been formulated by the government and the concerned departments have been asked to implement them in letter and spirit.

As per a government circular, issued today, QRTs will be set up on the identified spots where staff from all line departments viz. traffic, MVD, Executive Police, Law and Order, Health, Roads and Buildings, Fire and Emergency Service, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Defence would be made available and ambulances with facilities for emergency services, trauma, blood, oxygen and other necessary requisition will be made available. In addition, trained personal, mechanical equipments like recovery cranes, winches, gas emitters, ropes and air lifting of injured persons particularly in Doda district would be also ensured at these spots.

The road safety measures and awareness camps besides maintenance and workshop facility would be provided at these spots. The concerned RTA’s shall conduct periodical surveys to assess the actual passenger load and formulate a definite time table and route rationalization schedule for deployment of buses/vehicles by private, SRTC and local operators on rotation basis for reducing overloading of vehicles and monopoly of private transports.

The Beacon and R & B Department will ensure upgradation and improvement of deteriorated roads and will ensure dumping of debris on valley side during road widening works.

The departments will ensure visibility on the blind curves by installation of reflectors, remove bottlenecks on all routes on National Highway, identify accident prone areas and alternate safer routes/tunnels and implementation of less time causing and immediate result oriented short term practical measures on all vulnerable and accident place spots.

The motor vehicles department will ensure availability of public transport on routes where there is high demand by way of ensuing rationalization of routes and will check the fitness of all vehicles twice in a year, set up trial ground, issue hill license timely to highly experienced drives and implementation of passenger welfare fund.

The traffic department would launch intensive campaign for checking overloading and over speeding of vehicles, prevention of use of mobile phones by drivers, crash helmets’ for two wheeler driver/ riders, motorcycle borne flying squads for traffic management, setting up of urban transport agency for regularity hope include checking of overloading.

The MD, SRTC shall ensure procurement and deployment of small buses for the Doda district.


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