60,000 crore loss suffered by Kashmir during last 4000 hartals in two decades had cost each individual Kashmir Rs 20 lakh loss

Mysteriously only few hundred families prospered and attained old zamindari status

Repeated hartal system during peak summer period helped other tourist states to attract tourist who were earlier destined to visit Kashmir

The recent survey which has been conducted by reliable media agencies have revealed that Kashmir Valley has suffered heavily on economic front as a result of average 120 hartals per year which is estimated as 4000 hartals till date during the last two decades. The survey has further revealed that some mysterious hands are working as immediately on the onset of the summer season in Kashmir the entire tourist related activities are brought to an halt, which directly benefits the other tourist states whose tourist arrival graph has gone very high.

Earlier, it was not only tourist trade people who were getting directly benefited on the arrival of lakhs of tourist in Kashmir but transport industry, auto/sumo driver, handicraft industry, floriculture industry, Zaffron industry, were also receiving direct benefit particularly in summer season. The survey has revealed that those tradesmen who were associated with tourist trade, hotel industry, houseboat industry, handicraft industry and carpet industry two decades before in Kashmir are presently suffering on economic front and majority of them have come below poverty line, while as on the other hand according to the survey the tourist associated people in other states who were comparatively infancy stage two decades earlier are now running their own helicopter services and chain of the five star and three star hotels in these states.

The media survey has also revealed that during last two decades the few hundred specific families who were economically very poor two decades earlier in different parts of the Valley have accumulated mysteriously lot of riches and hundreds of kanals of land thus revived the status of being Zamindars in their respective areas. This abnormal economic reconfiguration which has emerged due to turmoil during last two decades according to survey has caused loss of rupees sixty thousand crore to the entire economy of Kashmir Valley and each individual Kashmiri has suffered loss of Rs 20 lakh.

The survey has also revealed that due to 4000 hartals each school going Kashmiri child from kindergarten upto University level has lost 20,000 precious class periods. This has resulted into educational chaos and reduced efficiency of schools, colleges and University going students.

The survey also revealed the disaster caused due to 4000 hartals have far reaching dimensions on other social, education, cultural, commercial, intellectual, philosophical, regional, scientific, sports and other sectors.


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