Politics of Hartals will result in economic disaster: NC

National Conference (NC) spokesperson has denounced the politics of hartals, saying frequent and prolonged strikes have dealt a severe blow to the economy of the valley as well as to the livelihood of the poor people. He said the government having set up a judicial probe to dig out the truth in the Shopian incident and making it amply clear that anyone found guilty by the inquiry commission would not be spared, the tragic incident is being used as an excuse to heap hardships on the people. 
In a statement, the spokesperson criticised the anti-people stand taken by the sponsors of hartals and said that they were leading them on the road to self destruction. He said they have no love and sympathy for the victim family and were only doing politics on a human tragedy that had left everybody hurt and anguished. 
The spokesperson said if the politics of hartals was not stopped it would result in economic disaster for the state. The state was already facing problems and stone pelting and shutdowns were adding up to the miseries of the people. He said the tourism sector which formed the backbone of the State’s economy has been dealt a severe blow and wage earners and people associated with the tourist trade were left without any gainful activity. Likewise, he said, the education of our children has immensely suffered as they were not able to go to their educational institutions. Rations were drying up and patients were not able to reach hospitals, he added. 
The spokesperson cautioned against politicising a human tragedy for ulterior motives. He said the government had already set up a judicial probe to dig out the truth behind the incident. He said the Chief Minister has repeatedly made his government’s stand clear that facts of the case would not be hidden and anyone found guilty would be given exemplary punishment to serve as a deterrent for others. He said after the unequivocal assurance of the Chief Minister, people should wait for the findings of the Inquiry Commission which has been asked to submit its report within a month.  


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